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Executive, Operations (Global Freight)

Job Description

Responsible for full spectrum of air, sea and land shipping documentation, invoices, and permit. To liaise and coordinate with customers/agents to ensure all documents are in order. Ensure all delivery deadlines and requirements are fulfilled. To oversee and manage the document team.

Job Scope

  1. Lead and guide the team in ensuring procedures and documents are followed through
  2. Consolidating the full spectrum of documentations for all parties concerned and managing shipping documents (bill of lading, pre-alert, permit) for import, export, cross-trade shipping and trans-shipment.
  3. Ensure all delivery deadlines and requirements are fulfilled.
  4. Verify invoices from vendors, carriers, and co-loaders and agents.
  5. Prepare and issue customers’ invoices and/or co-loaders/agents debit and credit notes, finance settlements and movement reports.
  6. Ensure timely closing of shipments.
  7. Provide backup support for colleagues who needs assistance or on leave/medical leave.
  8. Any other ad-hoc tasks or projects as assigned by the Reporting Officer or Management

Job Requirements

  1. Minimum 2 years experience.
  2. Organizing the team to ensure all in order.
  3. Leading the team with the correct procedure.
  4. Ability to interact with any parties professionally and to provide solutions when required.
  5. Self motivated and determined personality.
  6. Ablility to perform without constant monitoring.
  7. Team Player.

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