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Trade Manager / Senior Trade Manager

Job Responsibilities

  1. Setting of Minimum Rate Guidelines based on given market outlook to maximise revenue contribution.
  2. Assist in planning and execute pricing strategies, analyse, and evaluate respective market trends, to react and ensure price and space strategies are communicated to agents/offices timely.
  3. Handle adhoc rate request from overseas agencies and offices.
  4. Ensure the freight, surcharges, filings are compliance with regional regulations.
  5. Drive smart initiatives through good market intelligence and to implement business procurement strategies and smart management to optimise slot cost.
  6. Identify business partners and initiate cooperation with the business partners for business expansion.
  7. Evaluate performance in accordance with KPIs set and resolving issues.
  8. Track and report key functional metrics on slots suppliers and slots exchange to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness.
  9. Responsible for the preparation of budget, meeting of the organisational targets, and monthly business performance reporting.
  10. To participate in adhoc projects when required by Management.

Job Requirements

  1. Candidates must possess at least a diploma in shipping, business, or related field
  2. At least 5 years working experience in cross trade/feeder service-related functions
  3. Team player and ability to work across different culture
  4. Attention to detail and willingness to learn and adapt to market dynamics

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